An autumn afternoon Posted on 19 May 14:31

A beautiful, tranquil mid-week afternoon at Rosemary Hill.

Outside the office windows, softer shades of green and yellow bask in the late-afternoon sun, while birds flutter about, looking for their late afternoon meal.

Autumn-coloured leaves slowly sink to the ground, covering the lawns in yellow, exasperating the gardeners who this time of the year, need to sweep the paving every morning.

Today is baking day in the kitchen and the rich smell of freshly baked biscuits drives everyone to a visit to the kitchens, hoping to grab a cookie without the cjefs noticing!

Some cyclists joke and laugh as they embark on their ride on the off-road track.

A bright-eyed, excited couple walk hand-in-hand to visit our wedding co-ordinator to discuss their wedding plans.

... a rare quiet afternoon, before the stormy excitement of planning the next week-end.